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Bristol S Gauge Railroaders Club

2009 Summer Picnic

Our hosts for the Annual Bristol Club June picnic were Bobbie and Ed Stead. They are fortunate enough to live right next to the local airport runway. Bristol Club members who arrived around noontime got to see some interesting planes taking off right overhead. Bobbie prepared pulled pork and several club members took turns cooking items on the grill.

As our newest club member, Don Haiges, so aptly put it, "If you missed the picnic on Saturday you did lose out on a great time. It was a wonderful time, great company, great food and especially great hosts. I am excited to be part of The Bristol club."

The fact that we had a sunny day for the event, was like getting icing on the cake, after nearly a month of rain here in New England. And speaking of cake, the desserts at the picnic were their usual sensational delights - from assorted cheesecakes to brownies, cookies and something that tasted like "Death by Chocolate", a chocolate frosted chocolate cake.

Part of this year's picnic was a Square Foot Model Challenge event. Club members were invited to create a model and bring it along to compete with other Bristol members for a First prize of $100 and Second prize of $50 and Third Prize was one prepaid club meeting. If you brought a model to the picnic, you received a free meeting (meaning, our usual meeting fee would be waived for one club meeting.) We wanted to encourage some first time modelers, so there was no special judging criteria except that the scene had to be 144 sq inches. Everyone who came to the picnic got one vote for the model they liked best for whatever reasons. The scene with the most votes got First prize, the next high number of votes got Second prize and next got Third prize.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Tom Robichaud, of the fun creations:

First Prize - Phyllis and Rob Seiger's Oil station

Second Prize - Pat Fucile's Barber Shop

Gene's Third Prize Winner

Other modelers (in no particular order) were:


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