NMRA Digital Command Control
(DCC) in S Scale

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DCC Corner

Using Your SHS F-3 DCC Sound Decoder

Installing DCC + Sound in the S Helper Service SW-1 Switcher

Installing DCC in the American Models S-12 Baldwin Switcher

Installing DCC + Alternating Strobes in the American Models Amtrak F40PH

Installing DCC control in American Models Budd Co. Passenger Cars

Getting Started with NMRA DCC with Specifics for S


We have added NMRA Digital Command Control, or DCC to our club layout. We did it such that we can, by setting toggle switchs, set the outer loop, outer yard, or inner loop and inner yard to run either DC or DCC. This allows us to run any combination of trains that members bring to a show. Several members have now added DCC to their home layouts, and/or added DCC decoders to some locomotives so that they can run them under DCC at shows. DCC allows us to run two trains on each loop regularly, and sometimes three. It allows control of speed, direction, smoke, lights and sound of multiple locomotives on the same track without blocks. It has been a lot of fun!

If you're interested in learning more aabout NMRA DCC we encourage you to choose the menu pick on the left for DCC Corner where you will find more information about getting started with NMRA DCC, as well as specific information about DCC in S Scale. DCC Corner include links to information that we have developed on applying DCC to S scale. It is a place to document what we have done, and to share what we have learned. We will be adding a number of other DCC projects here as we complete the write-ups and pictures, including a number of other installations in locomotives, as well as DCC control of operating accessories, and other projects. In addition there is a link to to the latest version of the handout that was written for several DCC clinics given at past NASG conventions. The handout is titled Getting Starting with NMRA DCC with specifics and examples in S Scale.

For those looking for specific information, you can use the menu picks at the left to select just the information you need.

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