Layout Work Session October 30, 2010

Saturday, October 30, we made some progress on the layout, integrating the bridge and extension module into the layout. Dale dropped off the trailer yesterday morning; it is currently sitting in my (Tommy's) driveway. I figured we would be done and he could pick up the trailer today, boy was I wrong.

Bill Clark, Jim Babish, Chet, Dick, Ed, Bobby, Helen and Tommy spent about 6 hours working on the layout. A lot of time was spent discussing how to connect up the bridge module and make it work reliably.

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A new 33" module (center module, slightly darker color) is required on the side away from the bridge module to keep the sides the same length. The first step was to line it up with the modules on each side, then install locating dowels and bolts and blind nuts.

After the new expansion module was bolted in place, the power busses, terminal blocks, pigtails, air line and AC power line were all installed.

On the Bridge module, we installed “T” nuts for module alignment with adjacent modules. Then Tommy, Chet and Dick designed, fabricated and installed an alignment block under bridge. This should insure alignment when the bridge is in the closed position.

While this was going on in the garage, Bobbie and Helen worked on the new layout skirting. More sewing was done on the new green skirting, which is now about 70% complete.

The modules are still set up in the garage (so this means that the 52 Pontiac and Miata are outside, hope we don’t have snow!). There is still a lot to do, so we are planning another working session next Saturday, starting at 9:00 am, to try to finish up. The goal is to have everything ready for Greenburg and to get my cars back in the garage before the snow falls. The garage is not huge so there is limited space to work. If you are interested in helping out please let me know.

What’s left to do: Extension module – power drops to rails, fabricate connecting rail set, and blend scenery. Bridge module – figure out how to attach rails to Stainless Steel Bridge, attach rails, install power connectors and install power drop to rail. Skirting – more sewing.

Copied from Tommy's email 10/31. Thanks to Jim Babish for the photos.

Session 2 11/6/2010