Layout Work Session November 6, 2010

Our second work day was Saturday, November 6. We pretty much finished integrating the bridge and extension module into the layout.

Bill Clark, Jim Babish, Gene, Chet, Dick, Phyllis, Rob, Dale, Helen and Tommy worked on the layout. We started before 9, and finished before 3.

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On the bridge module, the rails were mounted, power connectors installed and power drops installed to the rail. Considerable time was spent assuring alignment of the tracks when the bridge is operated. It worked well in the test setup, successfully running a code 110 brass caboose over the joints. We'll know for sure at Greenberg! The expectation is that it will work well, and any small issues that develop will be handled.

Helen and Phyllis continued the good work on the skirting. Helen, Phyllis and Bobbie expect to have the new skirting ready for Greenberg. It looks great!

On the Extension module power drops to rails were installed, connecting rail set were fabricated, and some blending of scenery was done. We still need some cosmetics, such as adding rails under the new connecting rail sets. This is planned to be done at Greenberg.

Thanks to everyone who helped! Thanks to Jim Babish for the photos.

Session 1 10/30/2010