Meeting at Bob Hogan's House

November 9, 2003

With the Greenberg show coming up next weekend, Helen was working hard to sign people up to help with the layout. Not sure why Don has his eyes closed.

Bob has a completely sceniced Sn3 layout in the other half of his cellar (seen through door) but he has recently installed some standard gauge track in this half. He has some unbelievable rolling stock! He's discussing some SP models with Ben.

Wayne's dad came to enjoy the layout as well. They brought Jerry Rivet, who is much improved.

Here are Wayne, Helen and Jerry admiring the narrow gauge layout.

There is a set of pictures of the narrow gauge layout listed on the photo page. If you haven't seen them, you should check them out.

We didn't have a meeting in October, so there was a lot to talk about!

Wayne and his dad just came back from a rail fan trip to Colorado, and Wayne brought some sensational pictures. Dick, Bruce and Dale checking them out.

When the meeting started, the first order of business was to pay up for the meeting!

This was a very enjoyable meeting, with lots of discussion about the future direction for our modular layout. Everyone I talked to said it was one of the best meetings they could remember.

Don Tyler brought in and demonstrated a module system built by a friend of his. Looked simple, inexpensive, light, and strong.

Thanks for a great meeting, Bob, and see everyone next weekend at Greenberg!

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