Visit to the Flying Yankee

October, 2003

The Flying Yankee is under restoration at the Claremont Concord Railroad, in Claremont NH. They had an open house Oct 4, so a bunch of us drove up to see how the restoration is progressing.

Bill Clark entering the A car.

Our guide (blue jacket) with Dick Connors and Doug Peck.

Helen Lenart at the fireman's station.

Tommy Robichaud at the engineer's controls. The cab is very small and tight. It will be interesting to sit in it when it is complete.

This is the interior of the B car. Looks really great! These are the original colors.

The A car looks really good. A lot of work has gone into the A and B cars, and they are about 80% done.

The C car still has major work ahead of it.

Dick Connors, dreaming of the day...

There is more info at the Flying Yankee Website.

Pictures by Chet Brown and Helen Lenart.

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