Bob Cunningham's Layout

Bob has a large layout, featuring a mixture of vintage AF equipment mixed with new production locomotives and rolling stock from SHS, American Models, Crown, and others. It is very much an operating layout with lots of operating accessories and a track design which allows lots of action!
Here the Cresent rolls slowly by a lineup of operation accessories.

This is a Lionel log loader. Bob enjoys action, and will not limit his possibilities to stick with a single manufacturer. The signal light on the left is an MTH production, and fits beautifully

A Boston and Maine RDC waits patiently for the mainline to clear. Bob's layout is all controlled by Digital Command Control, and he has installed decoders in most of his motive power including the American Flyer steamers.

Alan Bleik and Carl Byron are trying to understand how the fireman manages to shift that coal! Both of the locos shown have been converted to DCC. The GP9, belonging to John Ciarleglio, also has sound.

A Bowser turntable supports Bob's large roster of Steam and Deisel locomotives. All the track is Gargraves, all the switches are American Flyer.

The layout encompasses four rooms in Bob's large basement. Here the mainline disappears through the wall.

We took advantage of Bob's shop to install DCC decoders into some member's locomotive. Don Tyler is a new member, coming to S from HO. He brought his new SHS SW9 to get some break-in time, as he doesn't have a layout yet. He decided to take advantage of the expertise available at the meeting to go ahead and install a DCC decoder into the SW9. Here he gets some assistance from Bill Frazier, who just installed one into his own SW1 last week. Members helping members is why this is such a great club!

Tommy Robichaud running some trains. The cloud you see is smoke!

And here's where the smoke is coming from! This photo has not been altered in any way. But the GP9 has been! This loco was the hit of the meeting!

After running trains for a couple of hours, we did manage to fit in a business meeting. Here Al Coughlin gives his views on our train show schedule.

Bill Frazier, Don Tyler and Skip Readio enjoying the comments of Gene Kelly on the Greenberg shows.

Chet Brown, calculator in hand, computer on the table in front of him, trying to figure out how we're going to pay for all the new toys we want to buy!

There were about 15 members present at the meeting. Bob did a great job on the selection of food and beer, and we had a great time playing with his trains. The meeting part of the meeting was longer than usual, but I believe everyone enjoyed it. I know I did. Thanks, Bob!

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