Bob Hogan's Layout

Bob Hogan hosted the October meeting of the Bristol Club. Bob has a spectacular railroad, and the members hugely enjoyed visiting it. Skip Readio took a bunch of pictures, and graciously gave them to me for posting. Enjoy!

Bob's railroad is primarily a three-foot railroad set in 1948-51 featuring his three favorite narrow-gauge lines: The Rio Grande Southern, D&RGW and West Side Lumber Company. The RGS portion features a recreation of Lizard Head pass. The D&RGW section features a recreation of the Chama, NM yards and facilities. A logging section is included with a mill scene and woods reload scene, all featurning West Side Lumber Company equipment.

This is the second incarnation of this layout. The first was featured in the 60th Anniversary issue of Model Railroader. It was larger (20 X 40') and had its own building in Auburn, California. The current configuration uses sections moved from the "old" layout to Concord, plus new construction. It is 18 X 25' with over 100 feet of "mainline" running, not counting the logging railroad and yards.

Rio Grande Southern Goose #5 sits between runs at the San Juan Junction tank. The San Juan Junction yard is a mythical interchange between the D&RGW and the Rio Grande Southern.

The RGS portion features a recreation of Lizard Head pass. Here RGS 2-8-0 #42 drifts downgrade out of Lizard Head with a short freight. Lizard Head Pass is reproduced with scratch built section house, snow sheds, snow fencing, etc.

Chama yard on the D&RGW portion of the railrioad. Chama is an accurate reproduction of the prototype and features a scratchbuilt depot, roundhouse, oil house, sheds, a PBL coaling tower, Gramps oil facility and modified V & T water tank.

West Side Lumber Company mill yard with 3 truck Shay #14 and Heisler #2 in back.

Warehouse loading dock at WSLCo mill yard. Supplies are stored and loaded here for shipping to West Side's logging sites in the high country.

WSLCo mill yard.

WSLCo Shay #8 switching the mill log dump.

Rio Grande Southern mailine with the Leaverite Mine in background.

D&RGW K-28 #478 leads the eastbound San Juan out of Chama, New Mexico.

Scenery is hydrocal hardshell with many rock castings. All coloring is done with water based paints and then covered with real dirt from Colorado and the Sierra Nevada. Trees are both hand made and commercial from a variety of sources.

San Juan Junction depot and business car Edna on the RGS portion of the layout. San Juan Junction is freelanced and includes engine facilities (not shown) as well as a large yard.

Michigan-California 2 truck Shay #2 switches the reload facility at Cmp 8 where logging trucks bring cut timber down to the railroad for shipment to the mill.

WSLCo oil car #5 sits at Camp 8. It serves to replenish fuel oil for West Side's Shays when in the woods.

West Side Lumber Shay #15 prepares to depart Camp 8 with a load of logs.

San Juan Junction station and RGS business car Edna.

Rio Grande Southern ditcher 030 stored at San Juan Junction yard.

San Juan Junction on the Rio Grande Southern portion of the layout.

Rio Grande Southern K-27 #461 waits in the hole on the "highline".

D&RGW C-16 in "Bumble bee" paint beside the Chama roundhouse (scratchbuilt).

Two K-27's, #453 and 456 sit with K-36 #483 outside the Chama roundhouse.

The railroad operates with 12 D&RGW locomotive, 7 Rio Grande Southern steamers (plus 2 Geese), and 7 logging Shays and Heislers on the West Side.

D&RGW's Chama depot (scratchbuilt).

San Juan Junction yard overview.

The railroad features three sound systems, one for each cab. The mainline cab uses a PBL digital Foreground System, while both yards use PFM II sound systems. All rail is code 70, either flex track or hand-laid. This railroad is designed to operate and that's what it does. The design is point to point (Chama to San Juan Junction, but has a continuous running ability for shows/visitors or extended runs between points. Most structures are scratchbuilt with a few modified kits in the mix. Many have won NMRA Convention contests.

The railroad is essentially complete (if any model RR ever really is). Bob's finishing up a West Side water tank to go into the the Camp 8 reload facility area, othertwise there is only a few details to complete. Next it's on to the S standard gauge layout which he plans to build in the next room!

Thanks for sharing the layout Bob, it is a beauty!

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