Don Hasenzahl's Layout

Looking from the left front corner of the layout, down the mainline. The main yard is right in front of us, followed by an industrial area with several operating accessories. Don is in the middle, playing with trains!

This is taken from the same spot, looking toward the back of the layout.

A rural town, with a passenger train blasting by. Don uses mostly Gargraves track and switches, with a few AF thrown in. The mainline is fully ballasted.

The layout has three levels, with lots of bridges and tunnels.

A derailment on the curve!

This is the main town, in the center of the layout.

This gives some idea of the size of the layout. I'm standing in the left rear corner. Don is operating the layout from the inside, Skip and Bob Murphy are standing at the far end of the layout.

The main industrial area with the switching yard is in front of Don.

This is another view of the town.

Still another town view, in the daylight this time. Don uses several AF accessories, like the trailer loader shown here, but has pretty much completely switched over to modern rolling stock from SHS, AM, Crown, etc.

Another view of the industrial area and yard, We are looking from the right end of the layout with the operators cutout to the right. The open part of the room is to the left.

The loco in front of the Alco A-B-A set is a converted AF PA with a TV camera in the nose. We shot some nice footage of Don's layout, which I hope to post.

Three trains crossing! The top level is an AM New Haven Alco PA A_B_A set with sound. Below it is an Alco FA and FB custom painted for the New Haven, and poking its nose out on the lower level you can just catch a glimpse of an AM Pacific, also New Haven.

This shot is from the right front corner. Notice the lineup of AF operating accessories.

Another view of the town in daylight.

A portrait of a happy man! Don has done a magnificent job on this layout. It's a real pleasure when the club meeting is at his house. Thanks, Don!

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