Doug Peck's Layout and Collection

The October meeting was at member Doug Peck's house. Pretty much everyone in S knows Doug, as he is a major supplier of everything S. Port Lines Hobby Supplies started as an American Flyer parts service, but since has broadened to include most of the new S production. Doug is also a manufacturer of AF reproduction parts and cars, Crown Models cars, Twin Wistle Structure kits, and more.

I missed the meeting (Grandson's baptism!) but Tommy Robichaud sent these pictures:

Here's a part of Doug's collection along the wall in his layout room. Doug's first love is AF, and he sure has collected a lot of very high quality pieces. It's a real pleasure to be surrounded by so much great old American Flyer!

Here's the man himself at the controls.

Doug running his layout after the American Models K4 Pacific smoked up the room. Jay Rogers peers though the smog.

Doug's current layout is an old-fashioned tin-plate style layout with lots of Plasticville and operating accessories. He is running more and more of the new, much more realistic equipment however. He currently has plans to build a new, larger, and more realistic layout to run his new equipment on. I can't wait to see it!

Meanwhile, some members were on Doug's new enclosed porch, chatting about trains and waiting for the meeting to start. Here's Paul Riley, hanging out.

John Ciarlegio and Helen Lenart during the meeting. Elections were held at this meeting, and Helen is our new VP. Tommy Robichaud was elected President, Dick Connors Secretary, and Chet Brown Treasurer. Congratulations and thanks to all!

Ben Perry, Don Hasenzahl, Richard Haley and Bruce Russell

Chet Brown presenting the Treasurer's report. Ron Mistretta and Jay Rogers look on.

After the meeting, it was back to the trains! Skip Readio watching the K4 steaming down the mainline.

One final view of the trainroom, with an impressive lineup of control buttons in the foreground.

This is the display room, next to the layout room. Doug has an amazing collection!

Thanks to Doug for hosting the meeting, and allowing me to publish the photos. And thanks to Tommy for taking the photos!

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