Gene Kelley's Layout

Gene Kelley has a large attic layout. It is a combination of Flyer and modern Hi-rail, with an incredible amount of scenic detail. This is looking at the entrance to the room, as the members file in for viewing.

This is taken from the same spot and shows the farmhouse and barn on the right side of the layout.

This section shows several levels, with the barnyard area hiding two sets of tracks. Lots of animals wander around this farm. Sheep cross the road and a red rooster sits on top of the gray metal roof. Operating Flyer accessories work at the lowest level.

Gene built this farm scene from an Ertle set. He has placed cows in the barn, geese and pigs blocking the road and chickens scratch around the truck. Note the hand made pigeon on the corner of the roof!

Behind the MTH farmhouse are two scratch built birdhouses and realistic birch trees.

This unsuspecting hobo is being investigated by a wary skunk! These scenes make fun viewing for visitors.

Custom painted milk cars roll past the hidden deer.

Here is another example of the detail on the layout. Gene has included deer and a tiny hand made chipmunk sitting on a nearby rock.

Another example of detail are the scratch built guard posts along a cliffside section.

Stepping back we see the rest of the guard post scene. Another farm is at the back of this cleverly disquised loop at the back section of the layout. Track is well hidden behind the steep wall and a siding allows for stock cars to be loaded with cattle.

Turning back into the main room of the layout, we see a colorful Gilbert Hall of Science water tower. Gene uses the DelAir system for operating turnouts and Gargraves track.

Gene Kelley reviews his track diagram. In the foreground are two operating Flyer Coaling towers.

More fun details can be seen here where three train bridges cross the river. A man is fishing from the boat while an MDC officer talks to him from under the bridge. In the center of the river, a bass is breaking the water. Beyond the boat, down the river, a young lad is floating on a raft. Note the custom decals on the Maine Central Pacific engine done by club member, Wayne Hills.

Here is another view of the rafter. An operating barrel loader is in the foreground and behind the train bridge is a small tug boat pushing coal barges up to the loading area.

In front of the coaling area, on the lower level, is an wood processing industrial section. There is a working log loader, operating sawmill and lumber yard. The curved arches in the middle partially hide a section of track. Tommy is trying to crib ideas for his layout!

Helen examines the detail in the lumber yard. You can see lots of sawdust at the sawmill on the right!

This lumber yard has a variety of lumber and colorful stacked pipes created by Gene. The forklift truck appears to be loading bags of cement into the pickup truck.

Five sets of track fill the back curves of the main layout. The cliff at the back blends well with the trestle bridge.

Here is a closer look at the magnificent curved trestle and girder bridge!

This shows the industrial coaling area. The American Seaboard coaler unloads coal from the barge and loads it into hopper cars.

This section shows the engine service area. A custom painted B&M GP7 is taking on sand.

Club members always enjoy a meeting at Gene's house to see what new details have been added.


The chatter of club members echos the activity of the plasticville city on the layout.

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