Jim Collins' Layout

Jim has a large American Flyer layout, featuring vintage AF locomotives and rolling stock, operating accessories, an interesting track design, and some great scenery! Here a Hudson at the front of a string of passenger cars waits to pull out of Mystic Station.

Same location, standing back a bit. The layout takes up most of a 38' x 24' basement. He used ballasted Gargraves track, with AF switches.

The excellent looking fire station is a Port Lines kit. Jim uses vehicles to add a lot of interest to the layout.

An overview of the station area. Pretty much all of the rolling stock is AC Gilbert. The house on the hill is an MTH, which is pretty much a perfect S scale.

Jim does fine scenery work. He has also worked on the club's modular layout and on some member's layouts. Here the passenger train disappears into the tunnel.

At the top right of the picture you can see some of Jim's AF collection. He has a lot of nice stuff, and he runs it all!

Here's a front view of the house. A pot hole has developed in the road due to the difficult New England winter just passed, and a road crew is arriving to make repairs.

This is the right hand section of the basement. I'll walk to the corner at the right middle of this picture, and take another photo looking left.

This shows the length of the layout. The loop in front of Tommy is a small test track. The mainline passing from the scene in the foreground runs along the wall to Tommy's left and joins the scene in the background, which is mostly a switching yard. There are multiple loops in each section of the layout, and they are all interconnected.

Jim Collins and Tommy Robichaud discussing the layout.

An overview of the town section of the layout.

This is the other major section, which is mostly yard although there is some still undeveloped countryside in the distance.

The semaphore on the mainline at the left is part of an American Flyer system for running two trains on a single track. If there is a train still in the next block, the semaphore will be red and the following train will stop automagically. Once the first train has cleared the block, the semaphore turns green and the following train continues on its way. Neat!

These pictures were taken during the club meeting at Jim's house, March 12, 2000. They do not do justice to the layout!

There were about 23 members present at the meeting, and we had a fine time playing with Jim's trains and enjoying his hospitality. Thanks, Jim!

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