John Ciarleglio's Layout

John Ciarleglio has a large basement layout. The track is mostly TruScale, with the most recent additions using AM flextrack. Rolling stock is mostly modern Hi-rail, with some Flyer mixed in. John has recently finished the mainline, and is now working on scenery. This is looking at the entrance to the room, with his workbech in the background.

The track in the background was just finished last week! The roundhouse and engine servicing facility is in the foreground.

The card with the number 3 is a switch (turnout) identification. All switches are controllable by DCC from the hand-held throttles, and by pushbuttons on the fascia. This adds greatly to operating flexibility.

Two more views of the excellent roundhouse.

The roundhouse is of course served by a turntable. John's is armstrong powered, and operates flawlessly.

A New Haven passenger train snakes along the ridge next to the mountain. The layout can be operated as two independent loops, in which case this is the inner loop. Alternatively, multiple engineers can operate several trains at once using DCC. This was the mode used during the meeting.

Next to the local track, the dual mainline disappears into the tunnel.

John enjoys building structures, and models to a very high standard. The picture of the Iron Mountain station does not do justice to it.

For much of the meeting we were running either 2 or 3 trains on the mostly single mainline. We experienced no cornfield meets, despite using several operators with varying experience with DCC operation. Here a local freight pulled by a B&M SW-9 waits patiently while the through freight, pulled by an AM Pacific, labors up the grade.

Here's the Pacific fighting for traction as the engineer pours on the sand. You can see the power drops which John has every 3 feet, so there are no voltage sags anywhere on the layout. Because of DCC, there are also no blocks.

This bridge area is new, with the new mainline coming in from the right. This area will look really great when the scenery is finished. Fortunately John really enjoys doing scenery, as there will be a lot on a layout this size.

This PHM RDC has both motor and lights (interior and running) independently controlled by DCC.

This view gives a little perspective on the layout. We're standing near the entrance to the room. The section against the wall is the area where the mainline splits. John plans a yard for that area. The mountain is to our left, and the roundhouse against the opposite wall. We can see about 1/3 of the layout in this picture.

We brought our club camera car so that we could get an engineer's view of the layout.

Here's John himself, glowing with satisfaction! Everyone had a fine time at the meeting, and the layout was great fun to operate. Thanks John! And thanks to Skip Readio for the photos!

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