Tom Robichaud's Layout as of September, 2000

The September meeting was at Tommy Robichaud's. Tommy has made a lot of additions to the layout since March, so I decided that I'd better take some new pictures.

Tommy likes the B&M because his Dad worked for them. His layout consist of 13 towns located in Maine. Tommy's layout currently has 43 hand layed closed frog switches and the mainline is 250' long. There are two large yards, at Presque Isle and at Searsport.

Helen and Tommy running trains! This is the central section of the layout, which is about 12'x8'. Helen and Tommy are standing in an aisle, surrounded by the layout. You can see the O gauge layout running around the room on a shelf about a foot from the ceiling!

This is taken from the aisle where Tommy was standing, looking back toward Searsport. Millinocket station is in the foreground, the bridge is in Bangor, and the large yard is Searsport. Tommy plans to add scenery breaks between some of these scenes.

Helen Lenart is running a long coal drag through Brownville Junction. Searsport yard is in the foreground.

There are a lot of small farms in Northern Maine. Looks like there has been some serious erosion west of the barn.

This is the roundhouse and turntable at Presque Isle. The roundhouse was scratch built by Tommy's father, the turntable by Tommy. There is some construction going on next to the roundhouse, but plans have not been made public yet.

This is the station and yard at So Lagrange.

Maine is a very rural state. The CGLR goes through some of the prettiest scenery in the northeast. This is the tail end of a long string of the new billboard reefers from SHS which is laboring up the long grade into Brownville Junction.

This is a very artistic shot.

This is part of the small commercial district at South Lagrange. These are Downtown Deco kits with custom signs. Pete's Shoe Shine was a store that Tommy's mother and Grandfather ran in the 50s and 60s.

This is the end of Presque Isle yard.

During the meeting a fire broke out in a factory building in Bangor. Quick action by the local volunteer fire department saved the building from complete distruction.

Here is the north end of Presque Isle, Houlton and Oakfield. You can see construction underway between Houlton and Oakfield.

Millinocket station, with passengers getting ready to board the NH 1372 departing for South Lagrange.

In Maine, you typically will see stone walls everywhere you look. This layout is no different. Tommy has fabricated stone walls from aquarium stone. This section is actually a lift-out, with the walls hiding the joint.

Tommy has done an excellent job on this layout! Can't wait to see how it looks next year!

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