A few more Bill Boucher's Circus Train pictures

Bill set out a couple of the cars to show the insides in more detail. They are fully detailed inside and outside, amd the circus equipment can be all set up. I apologise for the quality of the photos. These were taken during the show, so I was not able to set up the tripod or lights. Maybe Bill will let me photograph some or all of these at his home some time, so that they will more truly represent the quality of the cars.

When on the flatcar, the sides are on the wagon and you can't see the tigers. The level of detail is truly amazing!

You may have noticed several of these wagons on the train. They all open up to provide seating for the spectators.

If there is interest, I can post some more pictures. The originals are much higher quality, about 800KB each, and if anyone wants copies of the originals let me know and I will mail them out.

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