Skip Readio's Locomotives

Owner-painted Norfolk And Western Class A single expansion articulated locomotives. These locomotives were imported from Ajin (Korea) by Overland Models in 1989. These two locomotives are often double-headed on long freights on the club layout. At this particular show they pulled Bill Boucher's famous circus train.

1214 in the foreground represents the last of N&W's Class A locomotives to be retired (May 28, 1959). 1212 (in the background) is seen in the classic N&W publicity shot of three N&W locomotives side by side. (The other two are J Class number 634 and Y Class number 2147.) One of these locomotives survives but had been torn down for a boiler overhaul when Norfolk Southern terminated their steam excursion program and it's future is uncertain.

E-8 numbers 1012 and 1013 still carry the R F & P colors but were lettered for Norfolk And Western when N&W leased them while awaiting their diesel order fulfillment in 1959. These are owner-painted River Raisin units manufactured by Ajin in Korea.

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