Bristol Club at Greenberg's, Wilmington, MA April, 2001

Again this year, Greenberg was held on April Fool's weekend. We set up Friday afternoon, and were ready to run when the show opened Saturday morning.

Member Frank Emiro brought a beautiful set of LTI American Flyer Santa Fe PAs. We ran them on the outside loop most of the day Saturday. Here they are pulling an AMTRAK consist over the trestle. This picture was touched up slightly.

The whole point of doing shows is the audience! Our layout drew lots of enthusiastic on-lookers both days!

The operating coal dump is always an attention-getter. We have a short freight which picks up loaded coal cars in the yard, then travels down the mainline to the stub leading to the dump. It seems like any time we start running the dump, a crowd gathers!

Here's the coal train on the stub leading to the dump.

A car is pushed into the dump and uncoupled. Then massive clamps secure the car to the track. Then it starts to lift....

That's real coal, son!

There is a container under the track to collect the coal. After all the cars are emptied the train heads back to the yard to be refilled, and we start over again.

The coal dump is always a favorite with both adults and kids!
We were very fortunate to have two pre-release locos to run! Tom Doherty from Pennsylvania Heritage Models was at the show, and was kind enough to let us run his demonstrator Trainmaster all day Sunday! We had it pulling a lot of cars, and it ran great! This one should be a real winner for PHM!

The other "not-yet-available" power on our layout was a NYC F3 loaned to us by Don Thompson of SHS. This loco sets a new standard for mass-produced locomotives in S scale. Maybe any scale!

The F3s can be ordered as AC or DC with sound, or with DCC with sound already installed! Don didn't have the custom Soundtraxx DCC decoders for these units yet, so I got to install standard decoders in them. The design to allow plug-in AC, DC and DCC sound is excellent! And a very clever and practical MU cable setup allows both pwered units to be operated with one decoder if preferred. All-in-all a great design for the electronics, better than anything I've seen in any scale!

Here's another shot of the beautiful Trainmaster pulling a string of reefers. We ran the wheels off both locos, and they performed great!

Here's the trainmaster going across the trestle. By the way, we have installed DCC into PHM's RDCs with no trouble, and I'm sure that the Trainmaster will be no problem either.

The F3's on the trestle.

The engine yard with a good mixture of steam and diesel power. The turntable and roundhouse are both from Port Lines Hobby Supplies, run by member Doug Peck. Several of our other structures are from Port Lines as well.

Crowds were good on Saturday, a little light on Sunday.

One last shot of the Trainmaster. We were sorry to have to give it back. Thanks, Tom!

As usual, we ran the club video camera mounted in an American Flyer PA painted in Bristol Club colors.

The kids love to see themselves on TV as the train pounds down the mainline!

The show was a great time for us, and I hope all the visitors!

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