Bristol Club at Greenberg's, Wilmington, MA April, 2002

We do two Greenberg shows every year. These pictures actually include both the December and April events, as I was slow getting them posted. The show runs Saturday and Sunday, with Setup on Friday afternoon.

Chet Brown placing cars in the yard.

Chet and Gene Kelley admiring the yard.

We run DCC on the inner loop and this inner yard, so we have a good time running trains in and out. We stage trains in the yard, and also load coal into the coal drag that works between the yard and the operating coal dump.

Bill Clark and Dick Connors setting up the banner. Notice the TV. We have a camera in the nose of an AF PA transmitting the picture as it travels around. Kids love it!

Doug Peck Port Lines Hobby Supplies is a long time member of the Bristol Club. He has a LARGE display at Greenberg, selling his extensive line of parts plus pretty much all of the new stuff available. He is always right across from our layout.

Tommy Robichaud's new BL-2 leads a consist with two GP9s, all in BAR colors. More on Tommy's BL-2 later on this page.

The afternoon Amtrak pulls into Coughlan Station on its way to Boston. The station was built by Tom Coughlan, who was a long time member of the club, and it was on his layout. He gave it to the club when he sold his layout due to failing eyesight. John Ciarleglio fixed it up and added some details. Ron Mistretta made up the COUGHLAN signs so that we could name the station in honor of Tom, who died a few years ago.

The coal tower on the left was built by Wayne Hills. It is patterned after a Lehigh Valley kit, but for added durability Wayne replaced many of the wood parts with styrene. It has been joined by a beautiful water tower built and donated by Bob Hogan. As you can see, the water tower has not yet been integrated into the layout, in fact, this was its first show. A really beautiful pair of models.

Here's Tommy's BL-2 again. Bill Wade from B.T.S answered our prayers with a wonderful model of the EMD BL-2. BAR had 8 of these beauties, and B&M 4, so there has been interest in the club for several years in a BL-2 kit. Bill took pity on us at last, and has turned out a great model! Tommy just finished painting this one the night before the show, so he doesn't have all the detail parts on it yet, but already I'm in love!

If you want your own copy of this fine model, click here. The kit is very complete and builds easily.

Another shot of the yard. Skip Readio hand-laid the track and custom switches.

Tommy also brought his turbine. Here it is pulling a long drag past the tower. This is a superb brass model, imported by Jim and Dan at River Raisin Models. It look great, runs fine, and pulls like a truck. At this point Tommy was running DC, but he plans to put DCC into it soon.

Here's the lineup near the turntable. The FP7 and GP7 are custom painted in B&M colors, and belong to Dick Connors.

The same scene from the back. That's Tommy Robichaud talking to some visitors. The engine house is a Port Lines kit, built by Gene Kelley.

Here are some scenes in the woods near the trestle.

Wonder why the truck is stopped?

There's the answer, some bears looking for food!

There are quite a few animals in this section of the woods.

Here's the back of Brasor Station. This is also named for one of our departed members, Win Brasor. The HD Servicar is a Hallmark decoration, in almost perfect S scale.

Amtrak ready to leave Brasor. Makes me want to board the train and go!

The show was a great time for us, and I hope all the visitors! Thanks for taking the time to look at the pictures!

Pictures by Skip Readio. Text (errors, omissions, etc) by Bill Clark.

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