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Bristol Club at the Greenberg Show

Wilmington, Mass Nov 15-16, 2003

We brought our layout to Greenberg for the November show, as usual. Greenberg Shows is under new ownership, however, and somehow they misfiled our club's information. The first hint was when Doug got the Port Lines package, and found that the club layout was not on the floor map! He called the organizers, and managed to get us reinstated. We were very fortunate to get our old spot back, next to the S scale dealers. That's Doug's large display as the camera car whizzes by.

We had a lot of trouble with the camera car causing shorts on the layout. It may be time to upgrade the platform (currently an AF PA consist) before the next show. At the least, we need to debug and fix the current problem, as the camera car draws a lot of positive attention.

Gene and Helen on duty outside the layout. The club was out in force to support the layout at this show.

Doug and Frank in a pensive mood.

Frank's AM PA set. We weren't able to run it, as he doesn't have couplers installed yet. But it sure is pretty!



Frank's AM GG-1. We ran the GG-1 with a set of passenger cars for a while Saturday morning. We also used Don's beautiful AF 4-8-4 to pull a long freight Saturday AM.

The GG-1 and PA in the yard.

This seemed to be a pretty good show, with strong support from the club. Thanks to Chet for the pictures. Chet and I were only there on Saturday, so if anyone would like to add any comments or pictures from Sunday (or Saturday for that matter) please send them to me and I'll post them.