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Bristol Club at the Greenberg Show

Wilmington, Mass Nov 20-21, 2010

Once again we brought our layout to Greenberg for the November show. I wonder how many Greenberg's we have done? In any case, its always a fun show. And just at the right time of year, when people are thinking about trains for Christmas! Setup on Friday went well, we had a large, well motivated setup crew!

Dan Lundy gave several trains to the Bristol Club before he passed on. This is Dan's AF Missouri Pacific passenger set. This is an A-B-A Alco PA locomotive set, with RailSounds in the B unit. We have added TMCC to the outer loop (switchable with DCC) so that we now can run AC and TMCC trains. With the new American Flyer locomotives being produced with TMCC and soon Legacy controls, we decided it was time to make the addition. Doug Peck of Port Lines Hobby Supplies donated the TMCC set to the club. The MP passenger set ran most of Saturday and part of Sunday, and was a big hit! We are thinking of you, Dan!

Crossing the new lift bridge.

This was the first show with the new lift bridge, and it performed really well! Gene Kelley and Chet Brown did most of the work, with several members getting together to put the final touches to it. We ran both scale and HiRail trains over it all day, and the only loco that had a problem was found to have a loose front truck.

An unexpected benefit of the new Lift Bridge Module is that there is 33" more at the turntable end of the layout. That end had been really cramped because of the inner yard, but with the new space it is transformed! We should have done this years ago!

The roundhouse area, featuring several of Dick Connors' custom painted models.

Another of the trains Dan Lundy left to the club. This is an American Models Pacific with several Budd cars, all decorated for the New Haven Railroad. This is another absolutely beautiful set! It ran much of Sunday and was well received.

The Dan Lundy NH Passenger Train meets the B&M Camera train on the bridge.

We had several rock climbers on the cliff. The guy on top looks like he has done this climb once too often!

Not sure what to say about this bathing suit!

Phyllis and Bobbie sent the following message to the club:

Hey Bristol Gang! A big pat on the back and a big thank you from Bobbie and me for the great turnout for the Greenberg show! You all really come through for us when we send out the call for help. We know many of you had family issues and events and other commitments and yet you all really pitched in.... either for a short fill in, a long stretch of time, or even extending the time you could help out, and we really appreciate your support! Set up went well---- the new modules were in place and other than some tweaking for one or two of the engines, seemed to work very well. We had a number of different trains running and some of Dan Lundy's equipment was put out to run as well. As usual with this show there were quite a few kids and they continue to enjoy the camera car and coal loader and the various trains....had some trouble trying to get Thomas the Tank up and running on Sat. but he is always popular as well. I think we were all a little nervous about using the new gate bridge for fear of interrupting the rail traffic or causing alignment problems with frequent use but think we're all getting more comfortable with it. Some one even suggested we should have a ribbon breaking ceremony for the first train that passed over it but we couldn't find a ribbon....we settled for a small cheer! Have discovered, however, that if a fire breaks out in the town it'll have to be put out with a bucket brigade cuz the road to the fire station now has a big gap, but hey, that can be a future project.

We owe Bobbie and Helen a big thanks for all the work they did on the new curtains which really brighten up the layout and to all the fellows who designed and worked on the module and bridge for many months and then all who came out for several weekends to get it wired, aligned and detailed. Also a big thanks to Dale for somehow fitting all the new components into the trailer and his truck. And to Chet for finding the missing legs! Tear down went very smoothly as more of you are learning where things go and how to take them apart and put them together. So Bobbie and I are especially thankful this holiday for all of you making our job so much easier! Have a Very Happy too much, enjoy family and friends, watch the games, take a nap and rest up cuz the Hub is just around the corner and as the line in that famous movie goes.........'WE'LL BE BACK!"

Your semi-organized layout organizers, Phyl and Bobbie

This was a great show, with strong support from the club. Thanks to Dick Connors for the pictures.