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The Hub Show
December 5-6, 2009


Saturday morning before the show opens. Tommy, Helen, and Rob plotting strategy for the show.

A beautiful military train donated by Dan Lundy. This area will be filled with locomotives by the time the show opens.

We have a TV camera mounted in an SHS F7 locomotive. This is always a big hit with the kids.

The military train rumbles slowly by.

We need to put in a real airport. The Fire Department is getting tired of having to rescue the pilot at every show!

Rob Sieger placing his Christmas Train on the tracks. Bill Frazier brought a beautiful milk train, but I did not get a picture of it.

Rob uses two SHS Consolidations to pull the Christmas Train. Beautiful locomotives, and they also sound great!

Helen Lenart and Bobbie Stead setting up the sales table display.

Tommy Robichaud and Dick Connors.

This is what its all about!

Young and old are fascinated by the camera in the locomotive.

Phyllis and Rob Sieger, and Tommy Robichaud.

Ed and Bobbie Stead.

Part of the tear-down crew getting ready to take the layout down and pack it into the trailer: Tommy Robichaud, Dale Hasenzahl, Dick Connors, John and Pat Fucile, Rob Sieger, and Michael Greene.

John Fucile, Jim Babish, Matthew Michael, Michael Greene, Dick Connors, Phyllis Sieger

Jim Babish, John Fucile (waving), Dale Hasenzahl (back), Scott Wetter (cap), Bobbie Stead, Dick Connors, Don Haiges.

To all of the folks who helped out at the Hub show in Marlborough....a big THANK YOU!!!

Setup went very smoothly - many hands make light work! No matter how many times we set up and tear down, there's always something new to learn.

The show was lively and there were a lot of people admiring our layout, and asking many questions, as well as telling us their stories and their memories of model trains. As you can see by Don Haiges' pictures (thanks so much, Don) we had a lot of fun running the trains and the accessories, as well as spending time with each other.

Santa made a few appearances and the children were so excited....we were lucky that Santa was next to our layout so we could enjoy the excitement of the children and their parents.

All of the mugs that were made up (thanks Phyl and Pat) were sold, and as we started to celebrate that the last of the mugs had been sold....we learned that there are more!! Michael will be bringing them to the Christmas party so we can make up some more in time for the Amherst Show at the Big E in Springfield.

I think we had a record number of workers on Sunday afternoon and for teardown! The teardown went smoothly and I think we would have set a record for the short time it took.....except that we had to wait our turn to get the trailer near the building. The wait gave us time to unwind and have a few laughs with each other before we hauled everything out to the trailer for Dale to pack.

Again, thanks for being there! We didn't even have to nag or beg this time!! What a great team!

Hope we see you at the Christmas party this weekend at the Ciarleglio home....if you can't make it, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year!

Phyl and Bobbie

Thanks to Don Haiges for the good pictures, the lousy ones I took! I need to get a tripod!