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The Hub Show
December 4-5, 2010


Saturday morning before the show opens. Rob, Ed, and Tommy plotting strategy for the show. Or something important.

Rob ran his Christmas Train, pulled by double-headed Consolidations. This is always a big hit at the Hub, with people (mostly club members) stealing candy from the train as it rolls slowly by.

Heading over the bridge..

Tommy's Circus Train is always very popular.

Here's a note from Bobbie and Phyllis:

Yo Ho Ho Fellow Train Huggers, Another big thank you is due to all of you who came out to help at the Hub show this weekend. Several people were laid low with illness but others stepped up to fill the gap and we once again got the job done. A special pat on the back and thanks to my co-worker, Bobbie, who labored through much of Sunday with what I surmise is a hefty case of the flu. A special thanks to Dawn as well, who pitched in to help with tear down......maybe if we play our cards right we can talk her into becoming a member. And of course, as always, you guys and gals deserve a special thanks for stepping up to make these shows work and make this job easier for Bobbie and me. We really do have a great group to work with in this club!

The show was quite busy on Sat. and built up to a fair crowd on Sunday as the day progressed. We had some of Dan Lundy's equipment running and hope to see more in the future. There were quite a few kids in attendance and the "see yourself on tv" theme was very popular. We also had a number of scouts who were working on a model railroading badge. Club members were able to help several scouts with some the info they needed for their badge requirements. Dick Connors added some new buildings and accessories to the layout and when Chet finishes tweeking his sugar shack we'll have even more new things for visitors to see. The AC/TMCC and DC/DCC systems seem to be working well and everyone was able to run whatever trains they us a nice versatility. And the best part of all was we got through the whole show without having to battle snow. As a possible future suggestion, I wonder if the club might not consider investing in a small, light weight fold flat dolly which might cut down on the number of trips needed for lighter boxes such as buildings or leg boxes or such. Also we could roll heavier items instead of lifting and carrying them. I can hear poor Dale groaning about one more thing to fit in the trailer, but think they do make some very thin and light weight ones. Just food for thought. We're done with shows til next year so Bobbie and I want to wish all of you a most joyous holiday season and may Santa leave lots of train stuff in your stockings! Hope to see you all next Sun. at Michael and Deane's for our annual Bristol Christmas Party.

Phyl and Bobbie

Thanks to Dick Connors for the pictures!