Bristol at the Newmarket Heritage Festival

The Bristol Club was invited to bring our traveling layout to Newmarket, NH for their 8th annual Heritage Festival. This turned out to be a lot of fun for the members involved, and we were well received and treated right by everyone involved with the Festival.

To check out what the festival is about, go to Newmarket Heritage Festival.

Thanks to Dave Bird for these pictures. Dave is an AF collector, and was the person that suggested that the organizers invite us to attend. Thanks, Dave!

Here are Dick Connors and Doug Peck hard at work during setup. Setup started at 7:30AM Saturday, and the show started at 10. So we were hustling!

Gene Kelley, Tommy Robichaud and Helen Lenart taking a well earned break.

The turntable.

The river under the bridge. Water flow is down this time of year.

A nice view of the John Porter built wooden trestle.

Here's the view on Main Street just before opening. This area was packed all day!

This is a great sight! Because Doug has a booth at all the shows we do, he never gets to work the layout. This time he was able to help with setup and operation. He also did some repair and tuning to a couple of the AF accessories. Here he is discussing the show with Cheryl Bird, Dave's wife.

Turntable and roundhouse.

Saturday was a long day with a 6:00 AM start to drive to Newmarket, setup from 7:30-10, then operating until 5PM. But it was a lot of fun, with a totally different crowd than we are used to. We were the only railroad display, and the kids (and lots of adults) loved it. We got lots of thank you's from visitors and organizers. It was never so crowded that you couldn't talk to the visitors, and we had a good turnout of members to do just that. I think we made some friends for S!

Members working on Saturday were Helen, Dick, Gene, Michael Greene, Doug, Tommy, Bill Clark

This photo is from Sunday, and was taken by Dick Lord. It shows Matthew, Mike, and Frank Emiro. Matthew ran the Amtrak train for a while, then operated the barrel loader. Thanks, Matthew!

Sunday was short, just 3 hours from 11AM to 2PM. But again we had a fine time with good, steady crowds. Teardown went quickly with lots of help, and we were out before 4.

Members working on Sunday were Helen, Dick, Mike Greene (assisted by Matthew), Carl Byron, Bob Blanchette, Tommy, Frank Emiro, Bob Haas, Bill Clark

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