Bristol Club at the West Springfield Show

Ben Perry is a milk train fanatic! This is his New England Milk Train being pulled over Porter Trestle by an SHS SW1. There are more pictures of Ben's milk cars elsewhere in the web site.

Don Thompson of SHS sent us two SW1s from a small shipment he had air-freighted in, so that we could install sound in them and demo them at the show. They ran double-headed for much of the show, and performed flawlessly.

This is the locomotive known as "BigSmoke", here pulling Tommy Robichaud's NH Passenger train. We had a lot of fun with the smoke, and it really drew the crowds. We did have complaints from a nearby vendor, however!

The SW1s double-headed. These are great models. We plan to document the sound installation on this web site.

We had large crowds around the layout most of the weekend. Total attendance at the show was over 20,000.

Helen Lenart running a crack passenger train.

Its great to see the interest that young people have in the new generation of S trains. They really like the smoke and sound. These are two American Model Pacifics, one custom painted for the BAR, and both with Digital Command Control and Soundtrax sound, pulling Bill Boucher's circus train.

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