Bristol Club at the 2016 West Springfield Show

The Amherst Railroad Society Show is a highlight of our year! I took a few pictures to try to capture the activity at our layout. If anyone else has pictures to post, please send them in!

Also, if anyone has comments or stories about the show to contribute, please send them in also!

The Bristol Club Layout Setup

A few questions asked dozens of time during the course of a train show are: how long does it take to setup the train layout and how does it go together. We documented the actual setup procedure at the Springfield show two years ago. That photo essay is here.

Tommy fine tuning the track. There are small connector sections of track where two modules join. Its critical that these connector tracks are installed correctly.

Chet surveying the layout from in front of Brasor Station.

Good friend Steve Allen was by the layout checking on progress.

Its always great to see the first trains running. This is the American Flyer Polar Express.

Setup day is a great time to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

John Fucile designed and built this terrific backhoe animation. This was its first show and it performed flawlessly!

Show Time!

Saturday was a great day! The weather was good, and the crowd enthusiastic.

Steve was back taking pictures.

Our Vice-President Helen running the Polar Express. We now have several active women members, and they have made a wonderful contribution to the club.

President Tommy spent a lot of time outside the layout talking with visitors. Tommy is a great ambassador for our club, S scale, and model railroading.

Don Haiges brought in his American Flyer Big Boy, and it spent several hours on the front of a long freight train. We run both TMCC and DCC on the layout.

Our Secretary, Dick Connors, is there for every show, from setup to teardown. He also brings an amazing amount of stuff to fill out the layout. The AF Northern and B&M BL2 in the yard are both his.

Don Haiges running his Big Boy. Don has the difficult and somewhat thankless job of organizing our coverage at all shows, and does a great job. He is another guy who is there from start to finish at every show.

We had a Donut Eating Contest on Saturday.

Bill Morris was a strong competitor!

Bill Chase was another enthusiastic donut competitor, but he was too quick for me to catch him with the goods.

This gentleman brought his AF Rocket Sled for us to try. It was cataloged from 1960-1963. It ran like a rocket!

Geoff Graeber brought a beautiful NYC passenger train.

Geoff getting the locomotives ready to run.

Tommy modified his Polar Express Berkshire locomotive to produce copious amounts of smoke, perfect for shows. He plans to do a how-to article with pictures, which will be published here.

Dick's custom painted B&M BL2 had a good run pulling a short freight consist.

NH consist belongs to Don Hasenzahl, RDC to Dick Connors.

New member Jim Muthig enjoying his first show with the club. Jim drove from Maine to attend.

Don Haiges, Jim Babish, and Helen Lenart all enjoyed the chance to run trains and spread the word about model trains and S scale!

It was another great Amherst Railroad Society Show for the Bristol Club. Thanks to all the Bristol Club members who worked so hard to set up, operate, and re-pack our layout, and spent so much time explaining S scale trains to our visitors. Thanks also to the Amherst Railway Society and all their volunteers who give us a show to support. And most of all thanks to all our visitors, without whom none of this could happen.

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